A reading of I Can Touch the Walls, one of the short stories in Cracks in the Ceiling

3 thoughts on “Multimedia

  1. Good job on the sound effects etc Dave, and an interesting approach to book promotion. By hearing your voice reading your own work, it gives people a sense of your “voice” as a writer. Well written story, too.

    • Thanks Belinda. This is the shortest story in the collection (only 500 words), so leant itself to a short reading. I’m still thinking about a book trailer as such.

  2. Don’t overlook the fact you can have both this and a trailer to serve for promoting the book. I agree, it’s really important to have the author’s voice personalising their wares as well as a ‘glossy’ filmesque trailer. Also it’s so important to have an example of your actual words, after all that’s what we’re ‘trading’ in here, so many trailers give no hint of the author’s style. You did an excellent job here, very atmospheric reading.

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