Book Club Discussion Questions

Why not suggest The Quuensberry Rule to your Book Club?  Here are some questions to get you going.

1. How did you experience The Queensberry Rule?  Did it draw you straight in, or did it take a while to engage with the story?

2. How did you relate to Jason and his experience in the early chapters?

3. How did you feel when Jason met Oliver and started to get involved with The Queensberry Foundation?

4. The core value of The Queensberry Foundation appears to be fair play. What do you think of that as an ideal? Does Oliver actually live by it?

5. Discuss how social media is changing our society and how we relate.  Draw on examples from real life and from the book.

6. What do you think is the difference between justice and revenge?  When is revenge justified?

7.  Jason makes a few key decisions in the book.  Which ones were “right” and which ones were “wrong” in your view?

8. Is the ending satisfying for you?  Why or why not?  How would you change it?

9. In what ways do you think Jason has changed by the end of the book?

10.  Share your experience of reading ebooks.


Other things you’d like to discuss?  Leave a comment.

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