The Queensberry Rule

“In a world where the truth can be manufactured in an instant using facebook and twitter, justice can feel like it’s just out of reach.”

Jason has had his son, his security and now his job stolen from him. Consumed by bitterness at the injustice of it all, he needs to work out if he really wants to get even – when someone offers to help him do just that.

If The Queensberry Rule was a film, think The Firm meets Falling Down meets Fight Club.

The Queensberry Rule, written by Dave Cornford and Steve McAlpine, is available now at and, and kobo.

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What Readers are saying:

The suspense is lifted again and again as Jason’s suburban life becomes out of
control one small step at a time. I found my stomach tightening as I wondered
how easily I would fall into the same traps. Unexpected twists keep the reader
guessing until the end.

What a fantastic read! Once I started I couldn’t put it down….. It had the
intrigue, complexity and suspense of a novel like “The Firm” yet the characters
and plot were incredibly contemporary. Very thought provoking in terms of the
potential of social media to change the fortunes of people and corporations.

A great read that explores issues of justice, revenge and fair-play in the
complexity of everyday life. Characters develop well and can be easily
identified with. Was a difficult book to put down…loved it!

At times I felt I was amidst a James Bond movie or a John le Carre tale with all the threat and paranoia.

I was physically tired at the end of the read and want to read the last couple of chapters (or maybe the whole thing) again.

A gripping tale of justice, selfishness, fabrication and redemption. Good interweaving of Wilde with the narrative, evocative symbolism and an appropriately named blonde-haired bad-guy. Thumbs up!!

A fast-paced thriller with gripping storyline. A great read that I found difficult to put down.

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5 thoughts on “The Queensberry Rule

  1. Hey Dave – impressive stuff! Sounds good and reads very well.

    Well done – will be very interested to keep reading it…..

    Kate xx

    • That’s a good question. I’ve watch The Firm recently, but haven’t read all of the book. A quick read of an online synopsis shows a very different ending to that in the film. Not telling which ending Queensberry Rule is closer to.

      Haven’t read Fight Club. While The Queensberry Rule is about a personality cult that lives by the Queensberry Rules of boxing, there is actually no boxing.

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