Se7en Deadlies


Seven Deadlies is a collection of short stories or novelettes, where each story explores one of the seven deadly sins in a contemporary and perhaps unexpected context. Each of the stories has been previously published as a stand alone title in the Live-Fiction series.

The idea was inspired by Krzysztof Kieslowski’s mini-series masterpiece The Decalogue – 10 short films set in 1980s Poland, each exploring one of the Ten Commandments through a contemporary lens.

Here are the sins, and the stories:

LUST – “The Dinner Party” Everyone wants something.

GLUTTONY – “SPIN” Too much food, or too much exercise?

GREED – “Prank” When money and ratings take over at a contemporary radio station

SLOTH – “I Agree” You really should read what you agree to on the web.

WRATH – “Cake Knives Don’t Kill” Taking matters into your own hands can have dire consequences when the issue is revenge.

ENVY – “No Room in the Bin” There’s no time like Christmas to inspire envy of what the neighbours have. And what they throw out.

PRIDE – “Botox Apocalypse” The consequences of looking good may not be what you expect.


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