Nanna’s Life Tips

Nanna’s Travel Tips started out as a game at a family holiday, and has turned into a facebook page and now a series of books.

Book 1 – Nanna’s Travel Tips

Travel Cover final 2

Filled with homespun and sometimes dangerous advice, Nanna’s Travel Tips is a bright and breezy read – the sort of thing you’d pick up for $15 at the counter of a bookstore and then forget to give to someone for Christmas. That’s lucky, you get to keep it for yourself!

All of Nanna’s travel wisdom is now available in a little ebook AND paperback that is sure to spur you on to greater travel adventures.  It’s all the travel insurance you’ll ever need!

travel print picAvailable at amazon (US, UK) now!

What Reviewers Say:

“This book is hilarious!” Kindle Book Review

“What I enjoyed most was the irreverent tone and funny examples throughout the book.”

“This little book is a gem, easy to read and eminently practical, as all tips from Nanna are.”

Book 2 – Nanna’s Driving Tips

driving  Cover FInall

The roads are now safer because drivers young and old can refer to Nanna’s Driving Tips on their kindles, smart phones, iPads of in paperback while driving around the city or through the country side and break-neck speed.


Now available in ebook and in paperback!



Book 3 – Nanna’s Cooking Tips

Cooking Cover FInall

You’ll laugh every time you walk into the kitchen after reading Nanna’s collection of cooking tips. They’re quirky, homespun, sometimes questionable, probably dangerous and by no means comprehensive.

As short as it is insightful, don’t dare turn the oven on without Nanna’s Cooking Tips. Culinary humor at its best!

Now available in ebook







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