Advanced Smash Repairs

The quirky tale of a smash repair business that knows too much. Presented for the first time in 6 easy to read episodes as well as a bumper “Six Pack” edition.

Craig runs a small workshop, and with the help of his staff – lead mechanic Pavel, over-keen apprentice Clint and the enigmatic test driver Boris – he fixes cars in  unconventional ways, and solves a few mysteries along the way.

Read the episodes one by one, to buy the Six Pack here.

ASR COver 1 with numberEpisode 1 – “Spillage”

A damaged and mysterious BMW and an over-enthusiastic ex-customer challenge Craig’s patience and skill in a tough week at Advanced Smash Repairs.

Available as a FREE DOWNLOAD in PDF right here. You can also listen to a reading of Spillage in Episodes 9 and 10 of the Live-Fiction Podcast.

Also available for kindle and kindle apps (US, UK), and for kobo and iBooks.


ASR COver 2 V3 with numberEpisode 2 – “Impact”

Workshop owner Craig Comino is struggling to get any sleep this week, with  accidents and arson disturbing the peace outside his  apartment in the middle of  the night. During the day, prank calls and a client trying to pull an insurance  scam have raised tensions before the real trouble starts.

Available now for kindle and kindle apps (US, UK)



ASR COver 3 v1.0Episode 3 – Scratch

When apprentice Clint becomes a Youtube star with a chance video he shoots of a high-tech car mafunctioning, he becomes the victim of an intimidation campaign.

The shady practices of another workshop and the activities of a high-tech snake oil salesman collide in another dramatic climax.

Available now for kindle and kindle apps (US, UK)


ASR COver 4 with numberEpisode 4 – Hammer

Craig takes a break with two friends, only to find that his quiet fishing weekend is disrupted by the strange goings-on in the sleepy village of Oyster Bay.

Available now for kindle and kindle apps (US, UK)




ASR COver 5 with numberEpisode 5 – Shatter

A freak late-summer storm hits the city, wreaking havoc but also creating a huge amoung of work for the Advanced Smash Repairs.

Available now for kindle and kindle apps (US, UK)





ASR COver 6 with numberEpisode 6 – Burn

The strange events at Oyster Bay continue to have repercussions for the team at Advanced Smash Repairs.

The staff and the very future of the workshop are under threat in the dramatic conclusion to Series 1 of Advanced Smash Reapirs.

Available now for kindle and kindle apps (US, UK)



ASR COver 7Advanced Smash Repairs Six Pack

Get all the adventure of Advanced Smash Repairs Series 1 in one hit – with the Six Pack.


Out NOW at (US / UK) and kobo




Check out the cars featured in the series at our Pinterest board.



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