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The Big Idea

Live:Fiction is a stream of short stories and novellas (published as ebooks) that are inspired by current events.  The stories will be witty and thought provoking, and aim to be contemporary but not disposable. They will be an easily digestible size – up to about 10-12 thousand words – so able to be read on a mobile device but also long enough to enable character and plot development with substance.

The ultimate goal is to publish one story a week, written by a small group of authors operating in collaborative pairings. 

This is in effect a new form of literary magazine. One with a podcast with free readings of selected stories as well.

The Collections

Guys can readGuys Can Read

A silly title for a punchy collection of 8 short stories from the Live-Fiction catalog. There’s Performance Anxiety, Spillage and Home & Hardware – and more.

Read it on your phone, tablet or kindle. On Sale NOW in ebook here at amazon and also available in ibooks and kobo.

ALSO AVAILABLE free in audio on itunes here.

I HackerHacker Pack

Five novellas each exploring the human impact of technology and its use and mis-use. Three of the stories feature “Polly” and “Dexter”, the recurring hacker characters from the Live-Fiction series. Including The Project, All Bets Are Off, Cake Knives Don’t Kill, I Agree and Wrong Number.

Available NOW

SDS 2Seven Deadlies.
 Seven contemporary novellas, each exploring the theme of one of the Seven Deadly Sins. Including: The Dinner Party (Lust), Spin (Gluttony), Prank! (Greed), I Agree (Sloth), Cake Knives Don’t Kill (Wrath), No Room in the Bin (Envy), and Botox Apocalypse (Pride)

Available NOW


The Podcast

podcast newsprint small

Listen to Live-Fiction stories on your i-device.  Subscribe at itunes here.


The Stories

15 cIVIC New format V215 Civic Square  
Contains three short stories previously released in Cracks in the Ceiling. “A Day at the Top” traces the inner thoughts and turmoil of the CEO, while “The Tipping Competition” follows two close friends and co-workers through the chaos of a corporate restructure. Finally, “The Project” is the story of a customer who just can’t take it any more.

Available now for kindle and kindle apps for iPad, iPhone and Android at amazon (US&AUST/ UK). You can also get it on ibooks and at kobo.(where it’s free!)


Perf Anxiety New V2Performance Anxiety  
A professional sportsman faces up to the fact that he might be banned from sport – and lose his income – as a result of the supplements given to him by his club.

Available now for kindle and kindle apps for iPad, iPhone and Android at amazon (US&AUST/ UK). Also available at kobo.



Pick Me new format v2Pick Me! Pick Me! 
The personal diary of a reluctant candidate heading for oblivion at the next election.

Available now for kindle and kindle apps for iPad, iPhone and Android at amazon (US&AUST/ UK). Also available at ibooks and kobo




Prank New Format V2Prank!  
A radio announcer reflects on his shattered career after being sacked for executing a station-supported on-air prank that had dire unintended consequences.

Available now for kindle and kindle apps for iPad, iPhone and Android at amazon (US&AUST/ UK). Also available at kobo



Botox New Format V2Botox Apocalypse. The year is 2018, and things are not going well for those with creaseless foreheads and luscious lips.

Young journalist Jamie Adams not only has to get to the bottom of the story, but work out who doesn’t want her to.

Available now for kindle and kindle apps for iPad, iPhone and Android at amazon (US&AUSTUK). Also available soon at kobo



No Room New FOrmat V2No Room in the Bin. Christmas is a time for peace and good will to all men.  But not for bin rage.

Available for kindle and kindle apps for iPad, iPhone and Android at amazon.

Also available on ibooks and kobo 


Cake Knives New V2Cake Knives Don’t Kill
. Murder mystery set at the farewell event of someone who has been made redundant in a round of corporate cost cutting.

Available for kindle and kindle apps for iPad, iPhone and Android at amazon.



Home and hardware new format V2Home & Hardware
.  Jack and John meet on their first day at work at a new hardware warehouse store.

This is an expanded version of “Jack and John” which was first published in Cracks in the Ceiling.

Now available at amazon, ibooks and kobo


All Bets New format V2All Bets Are Off
. Technology meets the shady world of sports betting as Jarrod (main character in Performance Anxiety) is drawn into a controversy that threatens his career.  Hackers Polly and Dexter (The Project, Cake Knives Don’t Kill) risk their reputations while handing out some rough justice.

Available now at amazon.


Apin new format v2SPIN.
Ryan was enjoying his sleepy routine as caretaker at a local gym until the daily Spin class became just a little too popular. His attempts to manage the queue rage hit a snag or two. Available now at amazon




I Agree new format V2I Agree.
 Everyone ticks the box, but no one actually reads the terms and conditions.  Maybe they should.

Available now at amazon.





Dinner PArty New V2The Dinner Party. Food. The past. Secrets.  There is a storm brewing inside and outside.

An expanded version of a story that first appeared in Cracks in the Ceiling

Available now at amazon



wrong number new V2Wrong Number. The third time she rang asking for Alan was one time too much.

Available now at amazon




The project new V2The Project
. Peter O’Leary lets his hacker alter-ego Polly and his friend Dexter loose on National Civic Bank. A longer version of a story that first appeared in Cracks in the Ceiling.

Available now at amazon

Social Media

Check out Live-Fiction on Facebook here and on twitter on @LiveFictionNow


  • The Feed. When the Facebook feed becomes just a little too compelling to keep real life under control
  • The Project
  • 1,000 Views.  Fame awaits the YouTube star – unless the video is fake.
  • The Moths. All the action happens at night.
  • Elite. How good do you have to be to play sport for a top private school?
  • I:Renovator. When hardware attacks.
  • I:Collector. Kids think it’s fun to collect things, but parents take it seriously.
  • The Meaningless Olympics. There is no end to how people would like to make money. (Co-authored with Huw Luscombe)
  • Bunker.  Behind the quiet facade of the sleepy holiday village . . .
  • Scandal. There’s a rat in the ranks, who has been doing unspeakable things with his credit card.  Can this political party survive? (Co-authored with Matt Busby Andrews)

Collections – COMING IN 2015

Best Served Cold. Stories of revenge: Wrong Number, Cake Knives Don’t Kill, Spin, Prank, All Bets Are Off andand extract from The Queensberry Rule.

The Sports Pack.  Twisted tales set in the world of sport, money and power.  Including Performance Anxiety, Spin, The Meaningless Olympics and All Bets Are Off.

Dirty Politics. Stories set in the middle of the whirlpool of politics and power.  Including Pick Me! Pick Me!, Scandal, The Meaningless Olympics, A Day at the Top.


Want to hear more about the Live:Fiction project?  Sign up here information about reading in the digital age, and updates from the author.

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