Work in Progress – Week 47-49/2014

It’s been a busy few weeks, so this is a delayed and combined Work in Progress post. So, what’s been happening?

NaNoWriMo – Yep, I managed to “win” with 52,000 words written in November. Dad’s Cricket Diary is going gang-busters as a result.

Humor Writers Expo – This facebook event on 22 November brought together some other writers adn fans to talk about humor and humor writing.

The Dinner Party has been released – this is an updated and expanded version of the story that first appeared in Cracks in the Ceiling. Wrong Number and The Project are in proof-read phase. Catch up with the latest at



Work in Progress – Week 46/2014

I’m flirting with National Novel Writing Month, hoping to get Dad’s Cricket Diary finished on November. 10,000 new words last week means I’m on track.

  • Little Tours V3The Little Tours was bundled up and released within a week of the Australian Team’s tour finishing. OUT NOW at amazon
  • I had a meeting with the sponsors of a major street theatre production I’m writing/directing next Easter
  • It’s summer and it’s all cricket in our house. My kids played 210 overs worth over the weekend. Wickets were taken adn runs were scored. Saw some of it.
  • I quiz-mastered a fund-raising trivia night on Saturday night.

For those interested in the podiobooks experiment, Warm Honey has been downloaded over 100 times in full in the 10 days since it was released. Not bad!

There will be pressure on keeping up with NaNoWriMo next week with some paid work taking up some full days. We’ll see how we go!

Work in Progress – Week 44-45/2014

The output slam that was October ended with a bang!

  • The Dinner Party expanded by 50% and released as a Live-Fiction story
  • Se7en Deadlies is now complete as far as the seven stories goes.  It’s now in post production mode.
  • Warm Honey has been released as a Podiobooks Audiobook on itunes.
  • 8,000 new words completed this week.
  • Diary of the 17th Man in daily production
  • Dad’s Cricket Diary project progressing
  • Guys Can Read, as well as Home and Hardware, Performance Anxiety, No Room in the Bin and Pick Me! Pick Me! all now available on iBooks, kobo and nook
  • Newsletter out.
  • I volunteered for a day at the school canteen

Coming up: Full speed on Dad’s Cricket Dairy, outlining Wrong Number (LF#13), rewriting The Project (LF#14), two essays/guest blog posts, recording audio of Guys Can Read and production work on Se7en Deadlies and the 17th Man books “The Little Tours 2014.”

Work in Progress – Week 42-43/2014

Two weeks of planned paid work didn’t eventuate in the last 2 weeks (which is a bummer), but on the upside, I tackled some long standing challenges.

Audio. After a lot of messing around, I’m been approved as a producer on  This means as soon as I can finish the recording of Warm Honey and do the editing, it will be available on that platform – as a free serialised audiobook in podcast form. Hopefully this will be one way to stand out from the crowd.

Outsourcing. I’ve been able to DIY just about everything in the self-publishing production line, but one thing drives me crazy – formatting. The most finicky formatting job going is preparing an ebook file for Smashwords, the ebook distributor that is the easiest channel to get ebooks onto the Apple iBooks store. With iBooks now shipped with iOS 8, it’s relative importance is only going to grow. So, I’ve engaged someone to format Guys Can Read – it will be ready to go early next week. Best thing is I’ll be able to cut the file down and publish 5 Live Fiction short books on the platform as well.

Writing. “I Agree” will be released this week – thanks everyone for your feedback. “1,000 Views” is proving to be a stubborn nut to crack, while Dad’s Cricket Diary is going well.  About 7,000 words in the bank after the last two weeks, which isn’t really enough but there is progress across all business lines.

Work in Progress – Week 41/2014

I wrote about 7,000 words last week, which was an achievement given the interruptions of school holidays.

  • i agree newI Agree is in second draft and with beta readers at last.
  • Diary of the 17th Man is in production, with 500 words per day written alternatively with my collaborator.
  • Dad’s Cricket Diary, a 17th Man side project, is underway.
  • I’ve done heaps of research for Project X, the new movie/book bio-pic project.

Next step is to crack the outline for 1,000 Views, or come up with another story to take its place as the “Lust” story in Se7en Deadlies.


Work in Progress – Week 40/2014

Week 40? Yikes!

So much to do before the end of the year.

Managed to make some progress on I Agree last week, but with kids on holidays and house guests, the disruptions mounted.  Will finish it next week.

Had a great discussion with my actor cousin Masa Yamaguchi on Sunday.  He’s developing an idea for a film, and wants to collaborate on writing what will be the “book of the film.” This could throw the writing schedule for the rest of the year into chaos – in a good way.

So far, the plan for the last three months of the year is:

  • Finish I Agree and 1,000 Views – publish as Live-Fiction stand-alones.
  • Publish Se7en Deadlies in ebook and print. Seven stories from the Live-Fiction series, each one exploring one of the Seven Deadly Sins.
  • Write Wrong Number – Live-Fiction #13.
  • Guys Can Read and Nanna’s Cooking Tips in print.
  • Publish The Hacker Pack – 5 stories exploring the themes of computer hacking.
  • Start “Dad’s Cricket Comeback Diary“, a Diary of the 17th Man spin-off project.

That will keep me busy!

Work in Progress – Week 39/2014

Last week was a full week of paid work again – which is a good thing! Then I played cricket on the weekend after an absence from the field of many years, and helped raise some money for our local junior soccer club by being Quiz Master at a Trivia Night. A small but enthusiastic crowd seemed to have a great time.

Not much writing for the week, but did manage to slip in the recording of three chapters of Warm Honey – they’ll be released to the Live-Fiction podcast over this week.

Next week will see a red hot go at finishing I Agree (there’s 7,000 words to go) and a 100% record on my exercise regime.


Work in Progress – Week 38/2014

Work and travel dominated this week, so writing had to take a back seat. That said, a couple of thousand words was added to I Agree, which is going well. Spin is ready for release on Wednesday along with All Bets Are Off.

I’ve also restarted the project of recording Warm Honey. The audio of is going out chapter at a time on the Live-Fiction podcast. Four chapters are in the can.

Four times a year, I’m involved in organizing an open mic afternoon called “Sunday Arvo Sessions.” It’s a very casual concert where people can play, recite, sing, dance etc. I not only MC-ed, but also had the good fortune to play a number with my long time collaborator Mal Day.

This coming week is booked up with client work, and I’ll be asking the questions at a Trivia Night on Saturday – so not many new words planned until the week after.

Work in Progress – 36-37/2014

Yikes – time flies.

Spin was a bit of a mess, there’s no other word for it – but it’s now fixed, and with beta readers.

Diary of the 17th Man has been in production for the Australian Cricket Team’s tour of Zimbabwe. It’s a fun little collection – start here. That’s about 3,500 words a week with my co-author.

After a few false starts, this week is going to involve some PAID WORK! And some travel, which will continue for the next few weeks. Will be trying to knock out I Agree, which is outlined (and going really well – it’s good fun).

I’ve also set up a rolling campaign of advertising, freebies and specials for a number of my books.  Keep an eye out on twitter and facebook for the latest.

All Bet Are Off will be released on 17 September – and you can pre-order it now.  With a little luck, Spin will drop the same day.

Work in Progress – Wk35/2014

Spin New FormatIt’s rare but I actually hit my “10,000 words a week” target this week, with the first draft of Spin ready for an edit. I suspect the ending will be rewritten as part of that process – just not happy with it.

The good thing is that after talking about the story at a party last night, I’ve got a few new beta-readers lined up and champing at the bit to get into it.

I also finished the Live-Fiction re-cover project, thanks to James Stewart for the photoshop help. The books aren’t updated on amazon yet, but you can see how they look at

i agree newNext week will be lots of time on marketing the book catalog, as well as some paid work. I should also have the time to edit Spin and outline I Agree. My aim will be to get the plotting done and then do the same again the week after with “1,000 Views.” and fill in some words as well. This will get me to twelve Live-Fiction stories, but also give me the raw material for the next Collection – “7 Deadlies.

The plan is then to release All Bets Are Off, Spin, I Agree, 1,000 Views and 7 Deadlies all at once, along with relaunching the whole series with their new covers, in late September.

With a few weeks of full-time paid work looming in September, things will be tight.