John Clarke Classic

All those years ago, The Games helped us laugh at the seriousness (real and imagined) behind Sydney hosting the games. I remember back when he successful bid was announced, people partied late into the night and slept (briefly) in the office before continuing on pretending to do work through the day.

Looking for some light relief, I’ve just re-read the script to the second series. This is not a book that is readily available – I haven’t been able to find an online image of the cover!

But what a gem it is.  Tightly written, cuttingly satirical and all too prophetic.  Was the incident about the $3,000 bottle of 1959 Grange on the news or in the script this week?

The Games and Roy and HG’s The Dream were highlights of the Sydney Olympics and of Australian TV at the time.

Feeling very inspired to pick up the DVD on ebay and have another look.

Off The Reading Pile

This week I finished Absent without Leave by Paul Livingston.

It’s a memoir style book about the author’s father and his acquaintances as they survived Tobruk and New Guinea in The Second World War.

Funny and familiar, it gives an insight into the ordinary blokes who signed up, as well as what life was like for those who stayed at home in Sydney.


[Read more about it here]


And yes, it’s THAT Paul Livingston.