Nanna’s On Special!

To celebrate the Humor Writers’ Expo, all of Nanna’s Tips books are just 99c today!

Check them out at amazon now – follow the links below.  You won’t be able to stop at one!

Travel Cover final 2Nanna’s Travel Tips,






driving  Cover FInallNanna’s Driving Tips






Cooking Cover FInallNanna’s Cooking Tips.






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Here Comes Nanna!

driving  Cover FInallCooking Cover FInallTravel Cover final 2

It’s over 2 years since Nanna’s Travel Tips hit the market, and the waiting is over for some follow up titles – and some more dangerous advice.

Nanna’s Driving Tips is now available in ebook and paperback, while Nanna’s Cooking Tips will be out before the end of the month.

travel print picTo celebrate the creation of the set, all three books will be available in paperback for the first time.  Each one will be sporting original artwork on the cover from Perth artist Jan Withers.

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First Release of 2012!

A year in the making, Nanna’s Travel Tips has just been released on the kindle platorm.

With a striking “no words” cover by Jan Withers, Nanna’s Travel Tips is a little book full of big advice from the best and most prolific of advice givers, Nanna.

Quirky, homespun, sometimes questionable, and by no means comprehensive, all her tips for safe and life-affirming world travel are collected together here for the first time.

As short as it is insightful, don’t dare leave home without Nanna’s Travel Tips.


Available at amazon (US, UK) now!