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Dads2Dad’s Cricket Diary

With the big 5-0 looming, our every-man Dad decides that he’s spent enough time watching his teenage sons have all the fun on the cricket field. So, after 25 years on the sideline, he decides to make a comeback. His body is not so sure about that decision.

You’ll laugh your way through this personal reflection on cricket, family life and work as Dad navigates the complexities of modern life through his last summer before turning 50.


New Side Project – Dad’s Cricket Diary

I’ve started working on a new side project spinning off from The Diary of the 17th Man.  It’s “Dad’s Cricket Diary” – the occasional musings of a 50-something dad who decides to return to the cricket field after a 25 year absence.

It’s not really autobiographical, but let’s just say that after playing cricket and spending a lot of time watching my sons play, the well of funny, weird and traqic cricket stories is pretty full.

Dad’s Cricket Diary is being released entry by entry on  You can start reading here.

Of course, later on, there will probably be a book.

New Releases

The 17th Man is pleased to announce the release of his two latest books – numbers 4 and 5 in The Diary of the 17th Man series.

The first and the funniest books published about the latest Ashes series follow the daily action through the unhinged pen of The 17th Man and his parallel cricketing universe.


ashes diary 2 cover 2b“Ashes Diary 2 – The 17th Man’s Summer of Shove – Australia 2013-14″

The whole story behind the return Ashes series and Australia’s 5- nil win.

Laugh your way through the triumph and the pain – depending on who you support.

Ebook: OUT NOW at and





Tweets Cover 2“10 Ashes Tests in Tweets”

The 17th Man’s ever popular and hilarious Best of Twitter for every day of the 10 tests of the double Ashes series, collected together in one place.

Did you make the cut?

Ebook: OUT NOW at and




Also by The 17th Man:

“Ashes Dairy – Summer of The 17th Man – England 2013″

The complete story of the 2013 Ashes Series, as told by the 17th Man. From CoachGate to DRS controversies, all the way through to the series win by England, with the agony and the ecstacy all laid bare by the observant eye of The 17th Man. Illustrated by Jock Macneish.

Ebook: OUT NOW at and NOW ALSO AT kobo.

Paperback: OUT NOW at


From Dust to Dust – The Australian Team’s Tour of India 2013

Find out what really happened on the Tour of India through the wickedly outrageous chronicles of the 17th Man as he picks over the daily entrails of a Tour gone wrong.

Australian Cricket Tours of India always start with winning expectations that are ever so slowly deflated by stifling days watching dusty pies belted over the boundary ropes and a curry smorgasbord that runs through you like the Ganges. Mental disintegration under pressure is nothing new. Add the spice of HomeWorkGate, persecution of the Mohali 4, debilitating on-field performances and a dash of sledging and you have enough explosive to shake the pillars of Australian cricket.

In his first book, The 17th Man reveals all about the Tour of India, from HomeWorkGate to the dead pitches and everything in between.

Available as an ebook (for Kindle and Kindle apps), and now in paperback as well, at and

From the desk

After a mad few weeks, here’s an update on what’s been happening:

  • Diary of the 17th Man has taken on a life of its own, having started out here.  It has moved to its own page, and we’ve started a podcast.  This is a fun project, and is attracting a lot of interest. Ebook now on sale.
  • Cracks in the Ceiling, my first book, is now available in print from I’m currently working on the print version of The Queensberry Rule.
  • The Advanced Smash Repairs Series is creaking along much slower than I’d like, with Number 5 in the series, “Shatter”, almost finished.  “Scratch” and “Hammer”, numbers 3 and 4 respectively, are with beta readers. The finale to season 1, “Burn” has a rough outline.

There’s another short fiction project in concept development – but I can’t get to it!  Maybe over the winter . . .


Dave Cornford