Dismantle the Sky

Dismantle the Sky is a project by Sydney-based musician Jonty Cornford.

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EP – VOID – Released 1.1.16

void EP cover

Listen Here:

1. Void – Part I and II
2. Shiver
3. Breath
4. Pulse


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Debut Album released 18 July 2015

dts front web

This collection of electronica was written and programmed/performed by Jonty Cornford, and engineered with help from Nick Goulden.

The cover design is by Dave Cornford, Jonty Cornford and James Stewart.


Preview creation | destruction on YouTube here.

Comment here for details on how to buy the download and CD.


1: Creation
2: Running Through The Night
3: Petrichor
4: Hanyauku
5: The Dying of the Light
6: Disambiguation
7: Roberta Sparrow’s Final Letter
8: Hiraeth
9: Syzygy
10: As Death Stretches His Wings
11: lastsleep (Singularity)
12 Destruction
13: Phosphenes (Bonus Track – CD only)

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