About me

Dave Cornford has long balanced creative pursuits in writing, stage directing, videography and gastronomy with a career working with numbers. He is currently writing while working part-time work for a small IT development company.

As an experienced playwright, his contemporary passion play, The Turramurra Passion, has been performed over 80 times in Sydney, as well as elsewhere in Australia, Europe and the US.

With Jeremy Pooley, he has created the “Diary of the 17th Man“, a humourous cricket blog and series of six books.  He is also the publisher and lead writer for Live:Fiction, and co-authored the Taleist Self Publishing Survey in 2012.

He lives in Sydney with his wife and three children.

twitter: @david_the_c, @17thManDiary. @LiveFictionNow

email: martyboymedia @ gmail. com (no spaces)

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