Flash Fiction February – Day 28

Thanks to  for these three words: stairs, benchtop, rice



It was the catch-all squark that means “I don’t know where you are and can’t be bothered finding you, but I want to ask you something, now.”

“What?” came the reply from the top of the stairs.

“Can I make a banana smoothie?”

“Sure. Just make sure you clean up.”


With ingredients and utensils still arranged artfully on the benchtop, Olivia sat at the dining room table where her new laptop lay open.

She reached over to pick up the new mouse, knocking the smoothie over. The contents splashed exclusively on the keyboard.

The laptop blinked its last.

The post mortem was somewhat emotional. Olivia hadn’t stopped crying for three hours. Her father examined the corpse

“You could put it in a bag of rice overnight,” he said.

“Will it fix it?” she sniffed.

“No, but you’ll have a banana flavoured rice pudding to go with your expensive paperweight.”


Grab you free book from author Dave Cornford here.

That’s it! Thanks for following me through 28 days of writing and for those who’ve contributed “three word” prompts.


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