Flash Fiction February – Day 27

Thanks to Nick Ingram for these three words: cappuccino, Christmas tree, calculator


“Dad, see this word?” said Ryan, 8 years old and the proud owner of a new calculator.

He flashed it in front of Rob’s face. The upside down figures spelt out “Lollies”.

“Never has 5,317,077 looked so fascinating, kiddo. Although I wonder about 5,317,006 sometimes.”

“Rob!” said Helen. “I’d love a cappuccino, by the way.”

A large box sat under the Christmas tree. The children had been poking it all week, hoping it was theirs.

Rob sighed. Making a coffee would involve unpacking the machine, a complex “getting ready for first use” routine and then actually making the first cup. It would be awful and he would end up drinking it.

Rob picked up the box and headed to the kitchen. The coffee table was out of position and his shins hit the unseen obstacle hard.

Luckily what he said was drowned out by someone else shouting “Goolies!”


Grab you free book from author Dave Cornford here.

The next story is inspired by stairs, benchtop, rice

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