Flash Fiction February – Day 26

This story is inspired by these three words: window, present, ball


Something caught his eye. He looked up from his computer. Hovering outside, about two metres from his open window, was a flying drone. A small camera pointed straight at him.

He dropped his eyes to the screen.

Who was watching him? A nosy neighbour? A rival author looking for ideas? The secret police?

Think. Think. Think.

He ripped a strip off the packet of poster putty on his desk and rolled it into one centimetre balls, keeping his eyes on the screen.

When he had two handfuls of little lumps of stickiness, he stood up and throw both at the droid in one movement.

One handful hit the target, the drone’s blades instantly chopping and stretching them into a sticky spiderweb. The drone tumbled out of view.

His computer beeped.

A new message.

>> Did you get your birthday present?

>> No

>> Should have. I organised one of those new drone delivery services.



Grab you free book from author Dave Cornford here.

The next story is inspired by cappuccino, Christmas tree, calculator


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