Flash Fiction February – Day 25

Thanks to David Richards for these three words: Timetable, Lamborghini, Vice Consul


“Sir, you will miss your train.”

“When’s the next one?” asked the Vice Consul without looking up from his desk.

“In an hour.”

“Why didn’t you say so?”

He jumped up from his desk leaving a flurry of papers in his backdraft and ran out the door.

Down the stairs, two at a time.


The train was leaving.

“Damn!” he said under his breath. He trudged back slowly towards the road.

“Sir, would you like a lift home?” A man in a casual dark suit stood in front of a yellow Lamborghini. “It will be quicker.”

The Vice Consul sighed. “Sure, why not? Lucky you’re here.”

The man nodded politely.

The car leapt into the traffic.

“You know, my boss would like to give you this,” said the man.

“I know,” said the Vice Consul.

He looked out the window.

Everyone knew.

Everyone would know.

He didn’t care any more.



Grab you free book from author Dave Cornford here.

The next story is inspired by  window, present, ball


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