Flash Fiction February – Day 24

Thanks to Luke Giacometti for these three words: krill, donuts, surfboard


“Are you sure?”

“It’s the latest thing.”

He looked into the murky depths of the smoothie. Wheatgrass, kale and goji berries were fine, but he wasn’t so sure that krill blended in yoghurt was a super-food, or going to taste like one.

“And why do they serve it on little surfboards? It’s more pretentious than salad on an old wooden fence paling.”

“Stop stalling.” She took a gulp and worked hard to keep a straight face.

“Oh, pluh. That’s awful.” She spat the remnants out of her mouth into the glass jar that was pretending to be a cup. “Ewww, I need a glass of water.”

Without a hint of “I told you so,” he hurried up to the counter, returning with two empty glasses, a bottle of water and two pineapple donuts.

“Happy means healthy,” he said, sinking his teeth in with a big smile in his eyes.


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