Flash Fiction February – Day 21

Thanks to Eunice Warren for these three words: sunshine, jeans, ice cream.


“Oh, bugger!”

A large shard of chocolate coating cracked off her ice cream and landed sticky side down on her jeans. Warmed by the sunshine, the denim went to work on the edges of the chocolate, melting them instantly.

She picked off the breakaway piece and popped it into her mouth, head tilted back, eyes closed.

The chocolate exploded in her mouth, dissolving in a delicious goopy mess.

When it was almost gone, she slowly lowered her head to look at the damage.

It was bad. There was a dark blob in the centre of her right thigh.

The ice cream said “Don’t forget about me” with a beautifully placed counter-drip of melted creaminess that landed on her left thigh.

Her tongue did an emergency clean-up lick on the ice cream, but it was too late.

The job interview would have to wait.



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The next story is inspired by petrol, cattle, barbie dolls


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