Flash Fiction February – Day 12

Thanks Cameron Giaocometti for these three words: crustacean, mine, vulture


The sweat poured off their foreheads from the heat in the bottom of the old mine.

They sat perfectly still.


There was a ripple on the surface of the pool.

Like lightening, the scoop pierced the water.

She held it up and he shone a light on it.

A tiny crustacean wriggled in the mesh.

“I think that’s it.”

He looked at it with a magnifying glass.

“Unbelievable. Three weeks camping down a mine, and we’ve found it. Let’s get out of here.”

The vulture leant in through the smashed window and pecked at the man’s eyes. The sun shone into the wheelhouse cabin in shafts through ten bullet holes.

Smoke rose into the blue sky from burning buildings.

The radio crackled.

“Bring us up, will you?”

The vulture lifted up from its meal at the sound, then returned to its feasting, undisturbed by the incessant pleading coming from the radio.



Grab you free book from author Dave Cornford here.

The next story is inspired by:  Water, Puzzles, Dogs


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