Flash Fiction February – Day 3

Three Things: Recidivist, black coffee, man-bun.

 Day Three

“That’s a bit harsh,” said Simon, leaning back in the chair.
“I don’t think so.”
“This isn’t exactly prison.”
“But it is the fifth time you’ve been sent to my office this term. So I think ‘recidivist’ is a fair label.”
“Only five?”
“IT’S ONLY DAY THREE!” hissed the Principal.
Simon twirled an errant whisp of hair and pulled it tight under his man-bun.
“I fear we are going to get to know each other well if this situation doesn’t improve, Simon.”
“I already know that you drink black coffee.”
“Excellent. Shame is, you won’t be back here again, so you that knowledge will be of no use to you. Is that clear?”
“Return to class, please.”
Simon nodded and left the office.
The Principal stood at the window drinking his coffee. “Where am I going to get a new Maths teacher at this time of year?”

FEB coffee






Thanks Jonty for the three words.

Next: A classic little story inspired by three things: pet carrier, house-brick and motor bike.

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