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Howe Hughey Sparks Briefs Renaissance

digital-self-publishingHowe Hughey created a storm recently when interviewed on the ‘Self-Pub MasterClass Round Table Networking Podcast.’ At the end of a lengthy discussion about craft and writing habits, Hughey answered an off the cuff question about attire with this pearl of wisdom: “I’ve never admitted it before, but I wrote my epic best selling series ‘RAYON’ in my underwear. Sitting there in my Y-fronts,” said Hughey. “And at home, obviously, not in a café.”

Hughey’s comments were picked up and went viral within an hour. Several memes are doing the rounds depicting famous authors in their Y-fronts. [Don’t click on the Barbara Cartland one, what ever you do.]

Turnover at the Barstuck’s coffee chain (“Where writers write, and drink terrible coffee”) dropped almost twenty percent almost overnight, sparking a profit warning on Wall Street from the parent company and a round of lay offs from stores around the country.

Meanwhile, controversy has erupted among the membership of the Romance Scribblers of the North Atlantic, Inc. after it reported Hughey’s comments in its weekly e-newsletter, The Naked Torso. An over-enthusiastic intern inserted an associate link to amazon.com’s line of y-fronts into the newsletter and the resulting sales have cleaned out amazon’s entire stock.  It has been estimated that the associate income alone is enough to bankroll the Romance Scribblers for years to come, although the political fallout within the Scribblers threatens to tear the organization apart.

The leaking of the click-through data has been used by certain factions in the organisation to expose several prominent romance writers, including office bearers, as being men (allegedly – not that there’s anything wrong with that.)

This is an unabridged version of a story that originally appeared on The Rocking Self-Publishing Podcast blog in December 2014.

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