One Million Words

During early December, with a flurry of four new releases, I passed the milestone of having one million words for sale.


It’s a little bit of a cheat in a couple of ways – some of the words are co-written (about 50% in fact) while there is also some repackaging, where stories or books are available in different forms or bundles – about 35% of that 1,000,000 words is doubled up. All those words are available on amazon, while selected titles are also on ibooks and kobo.

On the other hand, the seven figure tally doesn’t count audio. While it’s freely available on itunes, between the Diary of the 17th Man podcast, the Live-Fiction podcast and Warm Honey on Podiobooks, there’s nearly 400,000 spoken words out there as well.

Still, it’s something to be proud of in just over 3 years of writing and self-publishing seriously.

Thanks to my co-authors (Steven Lewis, Steve McAlpine, Jeremy Pooley) and the various podcasters and writers who’ve helped me along the way by freely sharing great information – Johnny, Sean and Dave at The Self Publishing Podcast, Joanna Penn at The Creative Penn, Simon Whistler at The Rocking Self Publishing Podcast and Evo Terra at Podiobooks. Sonia Powell and James Stewart are regular helpers on cover designs.

What’s for 2015?

I haven’t decided on the production schedule for 2015, and it will depend on the availabliltiy of co-authors as well as the impact of other work. But here’s what’s on the dance card:

  • Dad’s Cricket Diary (my 2014 NaNoWriMo project)
  • The Queensberry Rule #2 (“The Queensberry Reign”) and #3 (“The Queensberry Something Beginning with R”)
  • Warm Honey 2 (“The Bookshop”)
  • Advanced Smash Repairs Series 2
  • The 17th Man’s World Cup Diary
  • The 17th Man’s Ashes Diary 3
  • Live-Fiction shorts and Collections (Best Served Cold, The Sports Pack)
  • Nanna’s Parenting Tips, Nanna’s Facebook Tips, Nanna’s Retirement Tips

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Work in Progress – Week 47-49/2014

It’s been a busy few weeks, so this is a delayed and combined Work in Progress post. So, what’s been happening?

NaNoWriMo – Yep, I managed to “win” with 52,000 words written in November. Dad’s Cricket Diary is going gang-busters as a result.

Humor Writers Expo – This facebook event on 22 November brought together some other writers adn fans to talk about humor and humor writing.

The Dinner Party has been released – this is an updated and expanded version of the story that first appeared in Cracks in the Ceiling. Wrong Number and The Project are in proof-read phase. Catch up with the latest at