Work in Progress – Week 46/2014

I’m flirting with National Novel Writing Month, hoping to get Dad’s Cricket Diary finished on November. 10,000 new words last week means I’m on track.

  • Little Tours V3The Little Tours was bundled up and released within a week of the Australian Team’s tour finishing. OUT NOW at amazon
  • I had a meeting with the sponsors of a major street theatre production I’m writing/directing next Easter
  • It’s summer and it’s all cricket in our house. My kids played 210 overs worth over the weekend. Wickets were taken adn runs were scored. Saw some of it.
  • I quiz-mastered a fund-raising trivia night on Saturday night.

For those interested in the podiobooks experiment, Warm Honey has been downloaded over 100 times in full in the 10 days since it was released. Not bad!

There will be pressure on keeping up with NaNoWriMo next week with some paid work taking up some full days. We’ll see how we go!