Work in Progress – Week 44-45/2014

The output slam that was October ended with a bang!

  • The Dinner Party expanded by 50% and released as a Live-Fiction story
  • Se7en Deadlies is now complete as far as the seven stories goes.  It’s now in post production mode.
  • Warm Honey has been released as a Podiobooks Audiobook on itunes.
  • 8,000 new words completed this week.
  • Diary of the 17th Man in daily production
  • Dad’s Cricket Diary project progressing
  • Guys Can Read, as well as Home and Hardware, Performance Anxiety, No Room in the Bin and Pick Me! Pick Me! all now available on iBooks, kobo and nook
  • Newsletter out.
  • I volunteered for a day at the school canteen

Coming up: Full speed on Dad’s Cricket Dairy, outlining Wrong Number (LF#13), rewriting The Project (LF#14), two essays/guest blog posts, recording audio of Guys Can Read and production work on Se7en Deadlies and the 17th Man books “The Little Tours 2014.”