New Release – The Dinner Party

The Dinner PartyThe Dinner Party was first published in a shorter form in Cracks in the Ceiling, but is now a stand alone story in the Live-Fiction Series.

It follows the build up to a dinner party where four couples – long time friends – gather for a meal. But there are secrets from the past that mean that things don’t go smoothly.

Available now at amazon

The Dinner Party will also appear in the upcoming collection Se7en Deadlies as the story on the theme of Lust.

Work in Progress – Week 42-43/2014

Two weeks of planned paid work didn’t eventuate in the last 2 weeks (which is a bummer), but on the upside, I tackled some long standing challenges.

Audio. After a lot of messing around, I’m been approved as a producer on  This means as soon as I can finish the recording of Warm Honey and do the editing, it will be available on that platform – as a free serialised audiobook in podcast form. Hopefully this will be one way to stand out from the crowd.

Outsourcing. I’ve been able to DIY just about everything in the self-publishing production line, but one thing drives me crazy – formatting. The most finicky formatting job going is preparing an ebook file for Smashwords, the ebook distributor that is the easiest channel to get ebooks onto the Apple iBooks store. With iBooks now shipped with iOS 8, it’s relative importance is only going to grow. So, I’ve engaged someone to format Guys Can Read – it will be ready to go early next week. Best thing is I’ll be able to cut the file down and publish 5 Live Fiction short books on the platform as well.

Writing. “I Agree” will be released this week – thanks everyone for your feedback. “1,000 Views” is proving to be a stubborn nut to crack, while Dad’s Cricket Diary is going well.  About 7,000 words in the bank after the last two weeks, which isn’t really enough but there is progress across all business lines.

New Side Project – Dad’s Cricket Diary

I’ve started working on a new side project spinning off from The Diary of the 17th Man.  It’s “Dad’s Cricket Diary” – the occasional musings of a 50-something dad who decides to return to the cricket field after a 25 year absence.

It’s not really autobiographical, but let’s just say that after playing cricket and spending a lot of time watching my sons play, the well of funny, weird and traqic cricket stories is pretty full.

Dad’s Cricket Diary is being released entry by entry on  You can start reading here.

Of course, later on, there will probably be a book.