Work in Progress – Week 40/2014

Week 40? Yikes!

So much to do before the end of the year.

Managed to make some progress on I Agree last week, but with kids on holidays and house guests, the disruptions mounted.  Will finish it next week.

Had a great discussion with my actor cousin Masa Yamaguchi on Sunday.  He’s developing an idea for a film, and wants to collaborate on writing what will be the “book of the film.” This could throw the writing schedule for the rest of the year into chaos – in a good way.

So far, the plan for the last three months of the year is:

  • Finish I Agree and 1,000 Views – publish as Live-Fiction stand-alones.
  • Publish Se7en Deadlies in ebook and print. Seven stories from the Live-Fiction series, each one exploring one of the Seven Deadly Sins.
  • Write Wrong Number – Live-Fiction #13.
  • Guys Can Read and Nanna’s Cooking Tips in print.
  • Publish The Hacker Pack – 5 stories exploring the themes of computer hacking.
  • Start “Dad’s Cricket Comeback Diary“, a Diary of the 17th Man spin-off project.

That will keep me busy!