Work in Progress – Week 38/2014

Work and travel dominated this week, so writing had to take a back seat. That said, a couple of thousand words was added to I Agree, which is going well. Spin is ready for release on Wednesday along with All Bets Are Off.

I’ve also restarted the project of recording Warm Honey. The audio of is going out chapter at a time on the Live-Fiction podcast. Four chapters are in the can.

Four times a year, I’m involved in organizing an open mic afternoon called “Sunday Arvo Sessions.” It’s a very casual concert where people can play, recite, sing, dance etc. I not only MC-ed, but also had the good fortune to play a number with my long time collaborator Mal Day.

This coming week is booked up with client work, and I’ll be asking the questions at a Trivia Night on Saturday – so not many new words planned until the week after.