Work in Progress – 36-37/2014

Yikes – time flies.

Spin was a bit of a mess, there’s no other word for it – but it’s now fixed, and with beta readers.

Diary of the 17th Man has been in production for the Australian Cricket Team’s tour of Zimbabwe. It’s a fun little collection – start here. That’s about 3,500 words a week with my co-author.

After a few false starts, this week is going to involve some PAID WORK! And some travel, which will continue for the next few weeks. Will be trying to knock out I Agree, which is outlined (and going really well – it’s good fun).

I’ve also set up a rolling campaign of advertising, freebies and specials for a number of my books.  Keep an eye out on twitter and facebook for the latest.

All Bet Are Off will be released on 17 September – and you can pre-order it now.  With a little luck, Spin will drop the same day.