Work in Progress – Wk35/2014

Spin New FormatIt’s rare but I actually hit my “10,000 words a week” target this week, with the first draft of Spin ready for an edit. I suspect the ending will be rewritten as part of that process – just not happy with it.

The good thing is that after talking about the story at a party last night, I’ve got a few new beta-readers lined up and champing at the bit to get into it.

I also finished the Live-Fiction re-cover project, thanks to James Stewart for the photoshop help. The books aren’t updated on amazon yet, but you can see how they look at

i agree newNext week will be lots of time on marketing the book catalog, as well as some paid work. I should also have the time to edit Spin and outline I Agree. My aim will be to get the plotting done and then do the same again the week after with “1,000 Views.” and fill in some words as well. This will get me to twelve Live-Fiction stories, but also give me the raw material for the next Collection – “7 Deadlies.

The plan is then to release All Bets Are Off, Spin, I Agree, 1,000 Views and 7 Deadlies all at once, along with relaunching the whole series with their new covers, in late September.

With a few weeks of full-time paid work looming in September, things will be tight.