Work In Progress – Wk 34/2014

It’s pretty hard to concentrate with a bad head cold, and that was the story of last week.

Had a few good meetings/meals with friends new and old, talking about music, work, social media, family, writing and food.  Highlight on the food front was a $15 Garlic Prawn Salad on Friday for lunch.  The garlic blast probably turned the cold around single handedly!

One thing I did manage to get done was start preparations for playing a bit of music at an open mic afternoon on 14 September.  I’ll be playing guitar for Miss Kristy who’ll be singing a couple of Cure covers, as well as playing a couple of songs with my long time collaborator, singer Mal Day. The big excitement will be Mal, our drummer friend Nigel and me playing in a “super group” with our sons, who go by the name of Sweeto Burrito.  (Check them on YouTube below) The super group will be called Sweeto Burrito and the Ancient Enchiladas.  Song choice still to be made, suggestions welcome.

Spin (Live-Fiction #10) is plotted out and ready to write next week – aiming to finish the first draft of 10,000 words. Some reader feedback has got me thinking about turning Performance Anxiety and All Bets Are Off into a novel – working title Money, Drugs, Football. I’ve done a rough outline for a 60,000 word work which I’m going to leave bubbling away on the backburner for a while and see if it comes together.