Work in Progress – Wk 33/2014

All Bets Are OffA good 6,000 words in the can this week, with Money’s On changing it’s name to All Bets are Off and making it out the door to beta readers. It will be No. 9 in the Live-Fiction series

I’m going to resist the temptation for rush it our when it’s ready, and aim to to a big splash release in September.



Covers.  As the Live-Fiction series progresses I’m less and less happy with “newspaper” themed covers that I set up as an interim measure when the series was launched. Using an outmoded news delivery mechanism on the cover of ultra-contemporary fiction has always grated a bit with me.  I spent ages in a book store the other day and was really taken by the covers on the Murakami series. (I love his stories as well) There are over 10 books in the series, each with their own identity but all  looking like they belong.

So, new concepts are under development and a coffee booked with my frequent cover design collaborator.

I also went to a parenting seminar and facilitated a half-day workshop planning a large public arts event in Sydney next Easter.

Next week: Plotting the next few Live-Fiction stories then progressing one of them past half way.

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