Work in Progress – Wk31-32/2014

Didn’t post last weekend, so here’s a two week catch up.

  • Guys Can Read has been bundled together and released. This was just a lot of formatting etc once Home & Hardware was finished, so a good return for effort as far as adding to the published portfolio goes.
  • Money’s On (Live-Fiction #9) is progressing, up to about 5,000 words now. That’s half way. Maybe out to beta readers at the end of next week?
  • Book reviews are catching up.  Plugged and The Girl Who Saved the King of Sweden coming soon.
  • Fortnightly newsletter is out and about.  Read the archive here.
  • A fair bit of networking (i.e. having coffee or a quick lunch) with various contacts, prospecting for consulting work as well as spending time talking with interesting people.
  • I’ve picked up a few notes from earlier in the year and documented a detailed outline for Advanced Smash Repairs Series 2. I’m going to force myself to complete plot outlines for each of the six episodes before starting to write episode 1. I want to do the writing fast on the back of detailed prep, and see how that goes as an approach.  Series 1 was written over a 12 month period for various reasons, and I’d rather get it done all together.
  • Dentistry.  Enough said.