Work in Progress – Wk35/2014

Spin New FormatIt’s rare but I actually hit my “10,000 words a week” target this week, with the first draft of Spin ready for an edit. I suspect the ending will be rewritten as part of that process – just not happy with it.

The good thing is that after talking about the story at a party last night, I’ve got a few new beta-readers lined up and champing at the bit to get into it.

I also finished the Live-Fiction re-cover project, thanks to James Stewart for the photoshop help. The books aren’t updated on amazon yet, but you can see how they look at

i agree newNext week will be lots of time on marketing the book catalog, as well as some paid work. I should also have the time to edit Spin and outline I Agree. My aim will be to get the plotting done and then do the same again the week after with “1,000 Views.” and fill in some words as well. This will get me to twelve Live-Fiction stories, but also give me the raw material for the next Collection – “7 Deadlies.

The plan is then to release All Bets Are Off, Spin, I Agree, 1,000 Views and 7 Deadlies all at once, along with relaunching the whole series with their new covers, in late September.

With a few weeks of full-time paid work looming in September, things will be tight.


Work In Progress – Wk 34/2014

It’s pretty hard to concentrate with a bad head cold, and that was the story of last week.

Had a few good meetings/meals with friends new and old, talking about music, work, social media, family, writing and food.  Highlight on the food front was a $15 Garlic Prawn Salad on Friday for lunch.  The garlic blast probably turned the cold around single handedly!

One thing I did manage to get done was start preparations for playing a bit of music at an open mic afternoon on 14 September.  I’ll be playing guitar for Miss Kristy who’ll be singing a couple of Cure covers, as well as playing a couple of songs with my long time collaborator, singer Mal Day. The big excitement will be Mal, our drummer friend Nigel and me playing in a “super group” with our sons, who go by the name of Sweeto Burrito.  (Check them on YouTube below) The super group will be called Sweeto Burrito and the Ancient Enchiladas.  Song choice still to be made, suggestions welcome.

Spin (Live-Fiction #10) is plotted out and ready to write next week – aiming to finish the first draft of 10,000 words. Some reader feedback has got me thinking about turning Performance Anxiety and All Bets Are Off into a novel – working title Money, Drugs, Football. I’ve done a rough outline for a 60,000 word work which I’m going to leave bubbling away on the backburner for a while and see if it comes together.

Work in Progress – Wk 33/2014

All Bets Are OffA good 6,000 words in the can this week, with Money’s On changing it’s name to All Bets are Off and making it out the door to beta readers. It will be No. 9 in the Live-Fiction series

I’m going to resist the temptation for rush it our when it’s ready, and aim to to a big splash release in September.



Covers.  As the Live-Fiction series progresses I’m less and less happy with “newspaper” themed covers that I set up as an interim measure when the series was launched. Using an outmoded news delivery mechanism on the cover of ultra-contemporary fiction has always grated a bit with me.  I spent ages in a book store the other day and was really taken by the covers on the Murakami series. (I love his stories as well) There are over 10 books in the series, each with their own identity but all  looking like they belong.

So, new concepts are under development and a coffee booked with my frequent cover design collaborator.

I also went to a parenting seminar and facilitated a half-day workshop planning a large public arts event in Sydney next Easter.

Next week: Plotting the next few Live-Fiction stories then progressing one of them past half way.

Work in Progress – Wk31-32/2014

Didn’t post last weekend, so here’s a two week catch up.

  • Guys Can Read has been bundled together and released. This was just a lot of formatting etc once Home & Hardware was finished, so a good return for effort as far as adding to the published portfolio goes.
  • Money’s On (Live-Fiction #9) is progressing, up to about 5,000 words now. That’s half way. Maybe out to beta readers at the end of next week?
  • Book reviews are catching up.  Plugged and The Girl Who Saved the King of Sweden coming soon.
  • Fortnightly newsletter is out and about.  Read the archive here.
  • A fair bit of networking (i.e. having coffee or a quick lunch) with various contacts, prospecting for consulting work as well as spending time talking with interesting people.
  • I’ve picked up a few notes from earlier in the year and documented a detailed outline for Advanced Smash Repairs Series 2. I’m going to force myself to complete plot outlines for each of the six episodes before starting to write episode 1. I want to do the writing fast on the back of detailed prep, and see how that goes as an approach.  Series 1 was written over a 12 month period for various reasons, and I’d rather get it done all together.
  • Dentistry.  Enough said.