Guys Can Read

Guys can read

Guys can read.

Put the emphasis on each word in turn. Try it.

GUYS can read.

Guys CAN read.

Guys can READ.

Repeat, this time with a question mark at the end of each three word phrase.

I’ve selected these eight stories for this collection because they each have something about them that appeals to male readers. Or might do. Not that females won’t like them, especially.

Anyway, there’s no saccharine romance, no vampires and no soppy happy endings. But there are also no zombies, no dragons and no explosions.

There is humour, there is sport and there are cars. There’s sadness and reality, wives and girlfriends, mates, success and failure. There is one “Game of Thrones” reference. There’s a story about taking the rubbish out, and one set in a hardware store. There’s one set somewhere that I can’t say or it will give the twist away.

Some are short, a few of them will take about an hour to read. You might have to concentrate just a little. It’ll do you good.

Dive in. You know you want to.

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