Work in Progress – Wk27/2014

Lots of scrappy things this week. I will be travelling for the next two weeks, so I’ve set up a few story drafts so it’s easy to write a paragraph here or there when there’s time. This includes rewriting and expanding two stories originally published in Cracks in the Ceiling.  “Jack and John” is first on the list – it will become “Home and Hardware” as a Live-Fiction title after it’s grown by about 50% – that is about half done. It’s been great to revisit some of my earlier writing and give it a good polish, but also to respond to some comments from readers about how much they likes the characters of Jack and John. They will be set up to appear again in future stories.

I was hoping to get it out this week as a surprise release and make it 10 books for the 6 months, but it wasn’t to be.

The working file for “7 Deadlies” is setup, and I recorded new episodes of the Diary of the 17th Man and Live-Fiction podcasts – the latter with a reading of Chapter 1 of Warm Honey.

On the work front, I spent an afternoon observing the training session of one of the city’s major Rugby League franchises. The players train and play with GPS trackers on them, and the company I do some work for is helping them with data management and some custom ipad apps.

I’m on winter break for next two weeks – back to the desk on 14th July.

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