Work in Progress – Wk26/2014

As promised, Cake Knives Don’t Kill is now on sale after a chunky edit – with one chapter trimmed of 1,000 words and then having about 2,000 new words added in. It’s partly in an “epistolary” style, consisting of documents (witness statements, press reports, emails) and partly narrative. Get your copy here.

And no, it is not autobiographical.

On Friday I had a fantastic writing meeting with Huw Luscombe to progress our ideas for some collaboration. We threw around some ideas (many of them crazy) for three books for the Live-Fiction series, and this week I’ll be sorting those into the three story outlines.

These stories will not only add to the series, but are planned to be part of the first Live-Fiction compilation, the working title of which is “Seven Deadlies“.  It will contain 7 stories, each exploring a modern perspective on one of the Seven Deadly Sins.  It might look something like this:

  • Lust – One Thousand Views (New)
  • Gluttony – The Feed (New)
  • Greed – Prank!
  • Sloth – I Agree (new)
  • Wrath – Cake Knives Don’t Kill
  • Envy – No Room in the Bin
  • Pride – Botox Apocalypse

Apart from that, I built a table, editing some videos of the kids playing in bands, practiced then played a couple of songs at an open mic afternoon and gave the lawn it’s lone mid-winter mow.

Happy reading!

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