Making Music

MacBooksIn late May, I spent a day with a friend helping my son do his first music recording. It took me back to the 80s when I was playing in bands regularly and doing recordings – only we didn’t have MacBook Airs connected up to the desk recording each track digitally as it was laid down. What a difference!

There were two tracks that he had written, and he played drums, bass and guitar. We recorded and mixed into acoustic and accompanied versions of “Flow”, and a full and instrumental version of “Anthem.”  The video camera was running as well, mainly so we could edit a video of the bass and drums of Flow so Jonty can perform “live” playing the acoustic guitar in front of “him” playing the other instruments. The whole thing really tested my video editing – and that was fun!

Here are some of the videos:



The recordings form part of a school music project.Check out more of Jonty’s music and words at

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