Work in Progress – Wk 25/2014

Cake KnivesAt last! The story idea for Cake Knives Don’t Kill has been around for two years (thanks to Jeremy Pooley – for the idea, not the wait!), and is finally in the can as the next book in the Live-Fiction series. Beta readers are doing their thing to make sure it’s up to scratch, so it will be released later this month!

The story is set in National Civic Bank, and features characters from The Tipping Point and The Project, short stories contained in 15 Civic Square, the first Live-Fiction release.

So that means a more productive week with 5,000 words written. Not bad with a public holiday and a day taken out with work meetings.

Hope you like the cover.

Following my appearance on The Rocking Self Publishing Podcast last week, I was mentioned on the Sell More Books podcast this week. Of interest to authors.