Work in Progress Wk 23/2014

Warm-Honey-The-OneYep, Warm Honey made it out the door this week and is available as an ebook at amazon. James Stewart helped with the cover.

Apart from that, Sunshine on Boerewors is nearly ready for paperback after a few hours of me yellling at MS Word on Wednesday. Cake Knives Don’t Kill is at last rolling forward with a couple of thousand words added to it on Friday. It is pencilled in to be the story about “Wrath” in my upcoming compilation of Live-Fiction stories called “7 Deadly Sins“.

IMAG0448Saturday was a 6 hour recording session for my son, with him playing drums, bass, guitar and singing on 2 tracks for a school project.  Big ups to Nick Goulden from Fluid Productions for doing sound.

Oh, a day and half of paying work interrupted writing this week – that’s an OK thing. One of those days was facilitating a workshop – which is tiring but great fun.

Weekly Word Count: 2,500.

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