Milestone in May!

May has been a big month! I’ve released four new titles across the literary forms I love – long-form fiction, contemporary novella and satire/humour.

That’s taken my total number of books for sale to 25, and then beyond, to 27.

Here’s the fresh crop.

Warm-Honey-The-OneNo Roomdriving  Cover FInallCooking Cover FInall

Warm Honey.  Life under the bleaching Perth sun is becoming complex for twenty-something Rob. With the encouragement of Charis, his new girlfriend, Rob leaves behind years of procrastination and finally attempts to contact his estranged father. Together, they have to deal with an unfolding family tragedy and the ghosts of the past.  My second full-length collaboration with Steve McAlpine is available in ebook here.

No Room in the Bin. Set deep in suburbia, this humorous novella asks the reader a few deep philosophical questions about their rubbish. This is the sixth book in the Live-Fiction series, and was co-written with Steve McAlpine. Available here.

Nanna’s Tips. After Nanna’s triumph with her Travel Tips, she has returned with Nanna’s Driving Tips and Nanna’s Cooking Tips. These books are short and quirky, and the tips are homespun, sometimes questionable, probably dangerous and by no means comprehensive. (Travel Tips and Driving Tips are available in paperback, Cooking Tips will be soon!)

May has also seen the release of the paperback of The Queensberry Rule. Thanks to James Stewart for some cover help and to Johnny, Sean and Dave from Self-Publishing Podcast and Simon from the Rocking Self-Publishing Podcast for their weekly dose of challenge and encouragement.

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