Work in Progress – Wk22/2014

No Room in the Bin has finally been published – that’s #6 in the Live-Fiction series and Book 2 for May.

Nanna’s Cooking Tips has been completed, proofed and published this week – that’s 2,000 new words and book 3 published in May. To celebrate, Nanna’s Travel Tips is free for a day or so (ending 24/5) and is going gangbusters.

Warm Honey is now pretty much done, just working on the cover with James Stewart for release next week.

I spent a couple of days at the end of the week at The Sydney Writers’ Festival. The highlight was a session with author David Malouf, with 5 other interesting sessions as well over 2 days. ┬áThe trouble with the Festival is that it still continues to operate in a bubble where the self-publishing/e-book revolution hasn’t occurred yet. We look forward to the day when one of the self-pub success stories is a headline speaker.

Weekly Word Count: 3,500


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