Work in Progress – Wk 21/2014

No RoomBig news this week is that I’ve finally finished the first draft of No Room in the Bin.  It’s embarrassing to report that this was supposed to be published in the lead up to last Christmas, but, hey, at least the cover is already done!  That’s 7,000 words in the bank this week.

It was fun to write my first article for Mobillytics, a small tech company where I do some contracting. Copywriting is a different thing to writing fiction – and harder – but it was useful to give it a go.  More opportunities are likely to follow. And 1,000 words in the bank.

Paperbacks of The Queensberry Rule and Too Bright to See, Too Loud to Hear have made it through the proofing process, and will be available at amazon any day.  If you buy the paperback, you’re entitled to a free ebook download.  Aussie residents, you’ll have to do both at, though, not

After a bit of messing about, I’ve moved my study this week. I will still do most of my writing at a writing desk elsewhere in the house or in cafes on a laptop, but the study is where lots of work happens on the grunty desktop PC in production (graphics, covers, blog posts, video editing) and general communications (emails etc) The old study is now freed up as the guest room (we have frequent visitors) and music rehearsal room for the brass players in the house.

On that note (ha ha) we went to see Gordon Goodwin’s Big Phat Band on Wednesday night as a family. Great support acts and an auditorium full of younger players who had been told by their school bandmasters not to miss the concert made for a great night of big band music. The three band players in our house were certainly inspired!

Feedback from beta-readers of Warm Honey is coming in – and it’s good so far!

Next Week:

  • The Sydney Writers Festival
  • Proof reading and cover design for Warm Honey
  • More Live-Fiction words on the page. Editing No Room in the Bin and progressing with Cake Knives Don’t Kill
  • I have a feeling the beats for The Queensberry Rule 2 will have to wait a while.

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