Work in Progress – Wk20/2014

TQR OutliningThis week started with a day in the office of the company I work for part-time.  Typically there is no one in the office on Monday, with the small staff all working from home or on-site with clients. This left me with lots of peace and quiet and free use of our 8m long whiteboard, which I used to outline two follow-up novels to The Queensberry Rule. Lot’s of work to do, but one day it could be a three-novel series.

The rest of the week was bitsy, with

  • a day and a half of client work,
  • hardware store visits as I get ready to move my study,
  • messing about with my blog header
  • tradesmen’s visits, again for the new study and
  • helping out my son with a music performance.

The planned skype meeting to finish Warm Honey didn’t happen, a few of Nanna’s Cooking Tips were written, but no new words were created in various Live-fiction stories that need to progress.

On the plus side, Nanna’s Travel And Driving Tips are now available in paperback, although Friday night saw the first meeting of The West Pymble Thinking Person’s Movie Night for 2014 postponed.  We’ll be watching the excellent Stand By Me (my review of that is here).

Next Week:

  • Warm Honey finalization after hopefully hearing from beta readers.
  • Detailed plot outlining for Queensberry 2
  • Live-Fiction words on the page.
  • Going to see a great brass band concert and going to a bar to see a friend play some music.

Here’s the music performance I was roadie for – my son’s Yr 10 Elective Music performance project.


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