Work in Progress – Wk 19/2014

driving  Cover FInallNanna’s Tips are moving forward, with about 3,000 words in the can for Nanna’s Cooking Tips this week. I bought a few old and new “cooking tips” books on ebay, and every page I open has the inspiration for a joke.

Nanna’s Driving Tips was published in ebook on Thursday. The print proofs for The Queensberry Rule and Nanna’s Travel Tips arrived early in the week. There are still a few issues with Queensberry to work on, but Travel and Driving will be available in print in about a week.  Formatting and setting up for print isn’t that hard, it just takes a while and there is no cutting corners!

On Tuesday I had the pleasure, scary as it was, to be interviewed by Simon Whistler for the Rocking Self Publishing Podcast. The interview, which ran for over an hour, will air in late May.

Next week will be working on new stories –

  • The Queensberry Rule 2 plot outline,
  • fixing up and progressing with Cake Knives Don’t Kill (a Live-Fiction story that has been half-finished for months) and,
  • Maybe wrapping up Warm Honey after a skype story editing meeting on Monday.
  • Finishing Nanna’s Cooking Tips, and then formatting for ebook and print.

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