Work in Progress – Wk 18/2014

This week has been more productive on the writing front, with 5,000 words of Nanna’s Driving Tips basically completing the first draft. Copies are heading out to beta readers this weekend. This title wasn’t first in line for this project, but my son Martin was keen and an active contributor to the process while we drove for 90 minutes to our Easter break. I’ve already started Nanna’s Cooking Tips, and commissioned the covers for these two titles from Jan Withers, who did the great cover for Nanna’s Travel Tips.

My son Jonty’s novella Too Bright to See, Too Loud to Hear is now on sale at amazon here in ebook for just a dollar. It’s YA Sci-fi, for those who like a non-linear story structure.

A box of 30 copies of the paperback of Ashes Diary 2 – Summer of Shove arrived on Wednesday, so you can grab a copy from me for $20 if you like. Remember that $1 per sale goes to The McGrath Foundation.

Next week:

  • Will Steve McAlpine like the new ending I’ve written for Warm Honey and will I ever master Photoshop enough to make the dripping honey text I have in mind for the cover?
  • It’s email newsletter week, and I’ll be writing a feature on audio books and podcasts if listening to fiction your thing. Look for it in your inbox on Wednesday.  If you’re not on the list yet, sign up here.


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