Work in Progress – Wk 17/2014

An interrupted week this week with some sickness in the family, a birthday party to host and getting ready for directing a major piece of outdoor theatre on the streets of Sydney. You can see some glimpses of the production at about 1:30min mark in this report on SBS news.

Too Bright to See, Too Loud to Hear is completed in second draft, formatted into an ebook and is being read by beta readers.

I’ve restarted the Nanna’s Travel Tips project. The paperback version is formatted and on its way from the printer in proof form – hopefully it looks as good in the flesh as it does on screen. I’ve also commenced writing Nanna’s Cooking Tips and Nanna’s Retirement Tips. The good thing about these two projects is that it’s easy to make progress whenever there is a little slot of time free for writing – this week has been short on slabs of writing time. I’m aiming to launch these together with the paperbacks of all three – although I haven’t set a date as these will progress behind the priority “long form” projects of Warm Honey and The Queesberry Rule 2. (By the way, The Queesnberry Rule is now available on Kobo.)

We’re also moving into some more marketing of The Ashes Diaries from The 17th Man, promoting our sponsorship of The McGrath Foundation. The response so far has been encouraging.


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