A Very North Turramurra Christmas

During a hilarious and enjoyable dinner party last night, the subject of wild life was discussed.  Apparently, our hosts in North Turramurra are being over run with four spesky pests:

The Brush Turkey

There guys wander around scratching, and really make a mess if they decide to build a mound in your garden somewhere.






The Possum

They dance around the roof in the middle of the night, eat the vege seedlings and die int eh ceiling leaving a horrible smell.


The Rabbit

Cute when in a cage, these guys are making a mess all over the place.  Acron Oval at St Ives is a dangerous place to play AFL, covered as it is in holes dug by rabbits and dog turds left by dog owners who obviously would be happy for their kids to get tackled into the ground and get a facefull of brown stuff someone else was too lazy to pick up.

The Bandicoot

Protected native species on the rise.

If you’ve got cone shaped holes in your lawn, you’ve got bandicoots.




turducken30My solution is to come up with a seasonal treat for next Christmas, inspired by the world famous meat fest that is the Turducken. You know, a chicken stuffed inside a duck stuffed inside a turkey.  All the bird-based meat you need to feed a crowd at the family gathering.

Who not a TurPossBunCoot?  A bandicoot stuffed inside a rabbit stuffed inside a possum stuffed inside a brushturkey.  I know it’s not all fowl, but it’s sure worth a try. And cheap, if you can do all the butchery yourself and you’re not too hungry.

SO, this Christmas, is anyone game to try TurBunCoot at the Road Kill Cafe, the latest bar/cafe/patisserie/vet to open at the North Turramurra shops?

PS Roast Lamb was served at the dinner party.

PPS I grew up in North Turramurra

PPPS  I wouldn’t want to see this on a sushi roll

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