Work in Progress – Wk 16/2014

The big news this week is that I’ve rewritten the ending to Warm Honey, the novel I’m editing/finishing with Steve McAlpine. Trying to build on Steve’s work has been difficult (it’s so well written) but I think the story now has the sense of completion that it needed.

Editing on Too Bright Too See, Too Loud to Hear is going well.  The story is complex and layered, and I’ve agreed with the author on what needs fixing – so next is about 1,500 words coming out of the last section. Then to beta readers!

I finally got around to recording Spillage (Advanced Smash Repairs Episode 1) for the Live-Fiction podcast.  Listen to part 1 here or grab it on itunes.  Part 2 coming next week.

Covers for the Ashes Diaries are updated, and mountains of production/logistics planning for Good Friday are in the bag.

Raw count: 2,000 words

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