Work in Progress – Wk 13/2014

writing man

Trying to get a little focus on production, so I’m going to post each week on what I’ve written.

BOTOXThis week was about 9,000 words on a new Live-Fiction title – Botox Apocalypse.  That means the first draft is complete, and after a read through and edit on Monday it will be going out to beta readers.  It’s also on Wattpad.

I also finished a 400 word “Introduction” to The 17th Man’s new title, Sunshine on Boerewors.  It’s the diary of the recent South Africa Tour, and will be out in ebook shortly.

With a few blog posts (both published and drafted in advance), it’s safe to say I made my 10,000 word target.

Oh, because I have a 10,000 word a week target from now on.

Yikes, that’s half a million words in a year . . . .

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